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Company Background

BESROC SDN BHD, a specialist in the niche market of flooring industry, is a supplier and applicator of various types of flooring systems, from basic needs of concreting to high-tech commercial and industrial superflat floors.

An organization comprises of well experienced and competent top management, with at least 15 years in the construction industry, reliable supervisors and a team of highly skilled senior workers, we take pride in introducing ourselves as one of the very few top specialist in the country.

In maintaining our position as a top specialist in the market, we always keep abreast of the latest development of products, technologies as well as application techniques from the international market. We work hand-in-hand with our principal manufacturers for the above purpose as well as to ensure that we constantly provide the best quality products and produce remarkable performance at a cost-effective price, tailored to individual needs.

Our customers are our most valuable asset. Thus, we strive to yield the best return to our customers' investment in term of quality, time and cost.

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