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Floor Series
Floor Hardener
Besten Monoflor 7 Non-metallic Floor Hardener
Besten Monoflor 8 Garnet Floor Hardener
Besten Monoflor 9 Aluminium Oxide Floor Hardener
Besten Monoflor SR Spark Resistance Floor Hardener
Besten Superseal Curing and Sealing Compound
Besten Formula Impregnated Liquid Hardening Compound
Epoxy System
Besten WB50 Water Based Epoxy Flooring System
Besten HB100 Solvent Based Epoxy Flooring System
Besten GF600 Glass Fiber Epoxy Flooring System
Besten AF2000 Art Floor System
Besten SM100 Self Smoothing Epoxy Flooring System
Besten Traffic Deck Carpark Epoxy Flooring System
Besten Konducure Anti-static Epoxy Flooring System
Besten Screed Epoxy Resin Mortar
Waterproofing System
Bestenproof 1000 Cementitious Waterproofing Slurry
Bestenproof 2000 Liquid Applied Elastomeric Membrane
Bestenpren 3000T 3mm thick Torch Applied Waterproofing Membrane
Bestenpren 4000T 4mm thick Torch Applied Waterproofing Membrane
Besten WP Liquid Waterproofing Additive for Concrete
Besten Screed
Besten S20 High Strength and Heavy Duty Mortar Screed
Besten Heavy Duty Topping Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete
Besten Klebend Fast Setting High Performance Mortar
Besten Polished Decoflor D121 Polished Concrete

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