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Besten Polished Concrete D121

BESTEN POLISHED DECOFLOR D121 is the special design mix colour pigmented concrete seeded with colour aggregate or chips and required polishing process to enchance the appearance. Besten Felsen provides range of intergrated colored concrete that available in vast colour selection beyond the standard grey.

The polishing process for BESTEN POLISHED DECOFLOR D121 is mechanically refines the concrete surface by removing the top cement paste and exposes the underlying pre-designed mix stone. The heavy duty polishing machines equipped with progessively finer grits of diamond-impregnated segments or disks are use to gradually grind down surfaces to the desired degree of shine and smoothness. This surface is completely even; polishes; with an extremely high level of functional and aesthetical qualities.

Owner of commercial and warehouse floors typically find it is too expensive to maintain their floor. BESTEN POLISHED DECOFLOR D121 is essentially low maintenance which only required regularly removing dirt, oils and other materials that could stain.


The polishing process increases the density and surface strength (hardness) if concrete floors making them much more resistance to abrasions.

Improved Aesthetics
BESTEN POLISHED DECOFLOR D121 gives a bright, shinny and clean appearance. Customers can choose the floor finishes with different colour stone combination and can have high gloss, semi-gloss or matte finishes.

Low Maintenance Cost
Long life time and minimal maintenance. A general floor cleaning and maintenance required to keep the luster effect. If damaged, it is repairable and polishes to match with the surround texture.

Easy Maintenance
BESTEN POLISHED DECOFLOR D121 only required occasional auto scrubbing and damp mopping with neutral cleaner to keep the surface clean and shine. Besten Felsen do offer special polished concrete impregnated liquid sealing compound and floor maintenance program, kindly contact our representative for details.

Improved Safety
Improve the environment to brighter and clean premises.

Recommended Areas :

Restaurant Floors
Retail Space or Shopping Mall
Commercial Buildings

Technical Data
Compressive Strength at

7 Days 25N/mm2
14 Days 28N/mm2
28 Days 35N/mm2
>28 Days 70N/mm2


New Concrete Floors
The designed mix concrete can be pigmented accordingly to the choice of colour or add in the various colour chips to form an art designed floor.

Old Concrete Floor
Grinding and polishing can also restore worn out concrete floors to an aesthetical pleasing looking. With BESTEN POLISHED DECOFLOR D121 process, the existing concrete surface covering will be removed. These steps also remove micropitted sections and level uneven surface elevations. A topping design mix for BESTEN POLISHED DECOFLOR D121 will be apply and polished to the desire effect.

Product Packing
25kgs bag
50kgs bag

Mix 25kgs or 50kgs of BESTEN POLISHED DECOFLOR D121 in the mortar mixer with the required amount of clean water. Mixing should continue for at least 2 minute at low speed before pour into work place.

Pour the mixed materials on wet to wet basis to the well prepare and primed floor surface with trowel and level adequately to flat floor practice.

Product Limitations
To prevent rapid drying BESTEN POLISHED DECOFLOR D121 shall protect from direct sunlight and / or drying winds during application and the initial curing period.

Environmental Information
BESTEN POLISHED DECOFLOR D121 is consists of pure concrete with colour pigment or colour chips and does not pose any threat to health or environment. Environmental friendly impregnation and cleaning agents are used in the process. The floor has very long life and highly durability which reduces the maintenances need to an absolute mininum.

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