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Flat Floor Standard

Since 1986, there are new ways to define Surface Regularity (flatness & levelness) of the concrete floor and have been adopted as national standards in the UK and America. Older methods also continue in use, though some may be ineffective. We shall look at the following standards and methods.

The defined-traffic floors (from the Concrete Society's Technical report 34)

ASTM E1155
The F-number system for random-traffic floors

Straightedge tolerances (including those BS8204 and ACI:117)

The German system (Waviness Index Value)

These methods are not of equal value. For random-traffic floors, F-numbers provide the most complete consistent system. For defined-traffic floor, the TR34 system is superior to the rest. For the BF-121 standard, it measures the waviness index value. Straightedge tolerances have serious drawbacks, but are widely use nonetheless.

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